Clarksville Traffic Ticket Attorneys

Are you thinking of paying that traffic ticket? Perhaps you should consult with an experienced attorney first. Traffic ticket attorney Tyler Miller will help you navigate the legal system and protect your rights. While it may seem like it is easier to simply pay the ticket, this can result in points on your license, higher insurance rates, and a bad driving record.

The Consequences of Pleading Guilty

When you plead guilty or elect to pay the fine in the courtesy notice sent by the court, you could pay the maximum fine that is allowable under the law, and a conviction will be entered into your public DMV record for many years. A conviction on your driving record will increase the insurance rates you pay by a significant amount. You could face an increase of hundreds to thousands of dollars per year based on a conviction on your driving record.

Retain a Competent Traffic Ticket Attorney

If you retain Clarksville traffic ticket attorney Tyler Miller, he will enter a “not guilty” plea and obtain a trial date. At trial, he will fight aggressively to have the moving violation dismissed. If it’s dismissed, you will not pay a fine. You will not have to attend traffic school, nor will you have a conviction on your driving record with the DMV. Considering the costs of a conviction, retaining a traffic ticket attorney can be a cost saving decision. Attorney Tyler Miller is very forthright about the cost to defend a traffic ticket, and he will discuss all the details with you to ensure that you understand the process. Don’t simply pay the fine until you discuss your options with Attorney Tyler Miller.

Tyler Miller serves the Clark, Floyd, Harrison, and Washington counties in Indiana. If he is unable to secure a dismissal of the moving violation, many times he can obtain better results, such as having the fine decreased or the charges lessened. If you are eligible, he will work to ensure that you will be allowed to keep the points off your record by attending traffic school. In addition, it may prevent you from having to appear in court and lose a day’s wages.

An initial consultation is suggested to discuss the specifics of your case. Why not make the call? You have nothing to lose and a clean driving record to gain.

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